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Ways of Life

The people of Idaho complained that the reintroduction of the wolf into federal lands would destroy their way of life. The destruction of ways of life is certainly a rich seam that runs through our social geology. The Indian way of life was destroyed, as was the African for those untimely ripped from their villages by the slave grade. And the buffalo way of life was destroyed along with the passenger pigeon way and the colorado river's way and the bottomwood forest's way. In turn the sourthern way of life was destroyed as well as the agrarian way, and in time the factory way was lost to offshore movements after neighborhood and city ways were lost to highway pavement and malls.

Progress/change/destruction of ways of life; alternative descriptions of actions meeting resistances with results for better or worse. One might have more compassion for Idahoans in this play-out of the cosmic script if there was any chance that for a moment they felt pain for losses other than there own. Perhaps it is too much to ask, but the Indians did; they said it was our loss as much as theirs.














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